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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Making life just abit easier

Hi Everyone



im wondering if you guys have some suggestions on what helps you to manage your carees' conditions. ive realised i dont know alot so it would help to read up more on each of these conditions and whats suggested (like types of exercise etc) for each. 


Does anyone use like a medication blister pack from the chemist? any good or better to monitor them more yourself? 



Is it worth creating like a meal plan? 


is there such a thing as a treatment plan for our carees'? for example with mental health they say see psychologist, gp, psychiatrist, social workers etc but what about those with more physical conditions?


any help would be appreciated please


Re: Making life just abit easier

I am all for doing things to make life easier @outlander.


Meds - we have a weekly pick up and I sort Mr D's meds into an am/pm pill box and he uses this. In time I will probably arrange a switch to blister packs. 


Meal plans work really well for some people. Others like to have big cook ups and freeze a heap of meals. A healthy diet can make such a difference to ones wellbeing, as can getting adequate sleep.


A treatment plan can be made for any medical condition. Having one ensures both doctor and patient are on the same page. We have one so that we can keep an eye on when follow up needs to happen - with some psych meds patients need to have regular monitoring schedule. Likewise a physio can help with a gentle exercise plan if there are physical limitations.

Re: Making life just abit easier

the pill box is a good idea too @Darcy might look into that.

im not one for cooking alot then freezing, my pop is rather fussy so it can make meal times quite tricky and often things go to waste. so buy in small lots but enough for the week sort of thing. i struggle to find things we both like.

can the dr help me to make up a treatment plan?

Re: Making life just abit easier

Yes your GP can help with a treatment plan, probably the best person @outlander if you have a few different conditions. 

Re: Making life just abit easier

thank you @Darcy and yes he does have quite a few like diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, glaucoma, tendonitis and some other things

Re: Making life just abit easier

Working out the easiest way to manage is smart, but probably varies between people.


I have had caring role with an gf with diabetes and her pill situation definitely warranted blister packs, but I do not do that at home. I use pill boxes for myself but there is also supplements and fish oil and glucosamine etc ... which can help for arthritis.


If pop is fussy maybe the trick is to make him more involved in choosing, planning and preparation.  Maybe a regular house meeting to decide ... I never make rigid plans and keep it looking 2-4 days ahead.  Whenever I tried making a meal plan for a week there was always so much waste, and this works best for us.  It helps me keep meals fresh and I always use up ingredients. Find a few favourites.Every now and then I experiment with new stuff. 

Put it back on him to come up with things that work and strike a balance for you both ... Sometimes older people are stuck in their ways ... which can be a shame as there is so much more food available now and wonderful recipes.


Re: Making life just abit easier

Some GPs are better organised than others when it comes to follow up. (With that list of ailments I am assuming Pop has regular GP appts) but having some sort of calendar of what needs doing when might be worthwhile.


Patients with diabetes usually have regular monitoring as well as podiatry appts and the like, osteoporosis is checked every couple of years, then there is the eye specialist for  glaucoma etc. etc. 


@outlander . Would Pop be amenable to you helping with this?



Re: Making life just abit easier

@Former-Member might have some suggestions as to what she does to make things easier caring for her Dad.

Re: Making life just abit easier

ive spoken to pop about suppliments but he says he doesnt really want to take any other meds. ill have another look though there might be a suppliment that replaces his current one which seems to be mainly calcium.

i try to include pop in what we have. so like a sit down before grovery shopping or will brainstorm while we are shopping.
he doesnt like veges unless its all roasted, doesnt really like fruit, doesnt like chicken, port and not really lamb either. doesnt really like mince but will eat the tinned spagehtti sauce (and has meat in it)
it makes it really hard to try and work through some recipies when he doesn want any of it. the real only mince dish he likes is a sheppards pie. doesnt like rice, nor pasta, gnocci, couscous.
sometimes ill make things with chicken etc but he wont eat it or much of it but would rather have a tinned soup or something
its making things really hard! so i ask him ok whats some things you would like or something i could try and cook and hes 'im not fussy ill eat anything'
URGH! @Appleblossom

Re: Making life just abit easier

no he doesnt even have regular gp appts, or podiatry visits @Darcy
ive said what about we organise a physio for your hands and feet and i can see about a podiatrist as well and they can give you a hand with pain and managements etc but he doesnt want a bar of it, he only goes to the drs when i pester him about it or he really needs to go.
his diabetes is lifestyle related so ive been getting him (or trying anyway) to get him eating healthier and to exercise just a little bit.

he sees optometrist each yr and hearing aid places each yr (or when needed)
because pop is still fully aware and can make his own decisions i literally have no say and if he doesnt want me to organise things then i cant.

im hoping if i read up enough ill be able to help more as well.

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