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New Contributor

At my wits end

Getting more lost everyday. I have Sensory processing disorder, depression and Paranoia. My own mother refused to get me checked out as a kid even though my grandmother insisted because I stopped talking for awhile. I'm now 28 and have just got a confirmed diagnosis. I have no one to support me other than my partner especially now since my own mother has completely disappeared off the radar since the new diagnosis came in. I'm out of work due to an injury and again no family support and my job provider even though they are a disability provider has not been mindful of the conditions. Centrelink has rejected me for DSP because I'm only getting treatment and diagnosed now and not as a child. Also struggle to find work because of the conditions and my job provider is choosing to think I just don't want to work even though I've said that's not the case


Re: At my wits end

Hi @DachshundLove 


Welcome to the forums - sounds like things are really challenging! It's not always easy to reach out so thank you for your vulnerability in doing so. 

Your mum not being available must have been quite shocking to handle. Your partner sounds like a good support. Have you reached out to any other professionals supports like a counsellor to help you through this diagnosis? Perhaps gaining some written documents from your GP or medical profession to give to your job provider could help them understand the circumstance a bit better? Do you think this is an option?

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