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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Could this be the answer after 5 long years?

My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, we have been married for 4 years and have 2 young children (5 &3). He had a dysunctional upbringing with his parents seperating when he was young and ?suffered physical abuse but not confirmed. I would have to say that since our eldest was born, things have not ben easy. He started to show signs of anxiety and depression, he would go out and spend money on things for a few thousand dollars, he started to drink and was not able to control it, so after a few years  gave it up as he recognised he was not able to stop at one glass. He has more moods swings than a pregnant women, and his moods can change so quickly too, he can lose his temper quite easily too, however this doent happen everyday. He has threatened suicide and has self harmed. I sometimes wonder where the caring empathtic man I met has gone, he has almost no empathy or regard for my emotions, and he think I should now be ok that he wants to know be Bi and have an open relationship, he blames m anxiety for his anxiety and cannot take ownership over any of his behaviour, he deflects it all away from himself and onto those around him. He started getting tattos and piercing to make himself look better as he appears to have self image issues and send nudes to random people as far as I can gather for a pick me up. he states he feels lonely. He has been on and is currently taking anti depressant medication... but could BPD be the reason for all this beahaviour ? I hope this is the end and a beginning to a jouney of wellness.


Re: Could this be the answer after 5 long years?

Hi @bythefireside


There are few cross over symptoms with bipolar (BP) and borderline personality disorder (BPD) as there are with many psychiatric conditions. Excessive spending and promiscuity are often part of a manic phase of BP.  Sane have guides on both of these conditions (links below). Seeing a psychiatrist and getting properly diagnosed can lead to treatment and a reduction of symptoms but it is often difficult getting to that point.  Often people will seek help when they are in a depressive phase and do not report the things that happened when manic, important for these things to be raised.  There are many scholarly articles in relation to ADs and mania, as per CMI (info sheet given with meds) it is important to tell Dr if one has  mood changes including "bursts of unusual energy"  which often goes unnoticed as there is a lot of focus on the depressive side of things.

Re: Could this be the answer after 5 long years?

How are you going @bythefireside?

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