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Something’s not right

Re: Depression


❤️❤️BB XX

Re: Depression


I'm a bit anxious tonight

Not sure what to do for the best.

Re: Depression

@oceangirl Heart

Is there any coping strategies you could draw upon to help distract from this anxious feeling? Something as simple as taking a long hot shower or putting on yur favourite music can help sometimes.

Sitting with you xx



Re: Depression


I'm travelling a bit rough tonight

Re: Depression

Oh @oceangirl

sending you a big warm hug ❤️Xxoo

is there anything you would like to tslk about? I’m happy to chat ❤️

Re: Depression

@oceangirl, sending you lots of hugs my sister and sitting with you HeartHeart

Re: Depression


I'm just feeling quite stuck @BlueBay @Shaz51

Re: Depression

I understand @oceangirl

that feeling is hard. Can you distract yourself a bit? 

Re: Depression


I'm trying too but it is so hard atm. How are you @BlueBay ?

Re: Depression

I’m sorry @oceangirl I didn’t reply to you last night. I was struggling myself a bit and ended up falling asleep on the couch. I hope you managed to get a good night sleep. 

How are you this morning? 


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