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Something’s not right

Re: Depression



Its good to hear from you F&H. I understand about your issues with MR F&H- his eating, exercising and controlling behaviours. And the impact this has had on you and your baby dragons. 


I know its his choice about what he does etc. When he told me, I just listened to him, and he didn't want me to say anything to anyone. I think he told me because he was frustrated. 


I've never judged people by their circumstances and I always hoped they would improve. You're right it may work out for the best. Like the saying says hope for the best, expect the worse. 


You're right that I need to focus on my recovery and getting myself well. There are some things I have control over and other things I don't- I just have to have the wisdom to know the difference. 


Even though I've had a tough few weeks, I think when I see my specialist on Tuesday we need to talk about my recovery. Not sure what else we will talk about but I will have time on Tuesday, she has allocated me 90mins extended appointment. After Milo has his surgery might go away for a few days and have a break.


I hope you got to spend quality time with your kids before they head back West. 


Goodnight F&H... I hope you sleep well too!!

Re: Depression

@oceangirl  are you ok my sister HeartHeart

Re: Depression


I'm ok my sister @Shaz51 


How are you???

Re: Depression

Hello my sister @oceangirl , how are you and your mum xoxo

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