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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I am scared people are out to get me....

I don't know what to do I am tried and really stressed and I do genuinely have reasons to think that certain people are going to hurt me because they have hurt me badly in the past but I am having trouble because I keep thinking that everyone is secretly trying to hurt me and not just the people who hurt me before like I am getting scared of all my "supports" like my psychologist and I feel like I can't trust my psychiatrist and even my support worker I feel like they have an agenda and I also am having trouble because I am scared that there is like an evil spirit thing that is harassing me like it follows me around and it wants to hurt me and also I keep seeing weird things and I don't know what to do anymore the meds made it worse last time I know maybe it is just cause I am so stressed right now but I don't know what to do I am even getting scared of my family and I want to cry and I don't know I can't take this I have no one I trust who I can talk to and I feel completely trapped and I don't know what to think anymore but I know I know for sure those people will hurt me again if they know what is going on and I am so scared they will find out I am having nightmares about it all and I can't sleep because I am too stressed and I am sorry this is so long I am just really lost. 


Re: I am scared people are out to get me....

Never mind I give up!!! 

Re: I am scared people are out to get me....

Hi @Eden1919 ,  Its Wenna one of the week end moderators.  Just checking in and wondering what supports we can offer  you.  I will send you an email. 


Re: I am scared people are out to get me....

Sounds like you need to really try and find yourself in it @Eden1919

I’ve quite often felt like “everyone is out to get me” Still do all the time! It’s good to be cautious...and not trust many people but eventually you will trust yourself and take that to mould you and help even if you can’t now?

I have had a pretty messy past might still have a messy future ahead but of me for a while but can relate to thinking everyone is going to hurt me someway shape form or another or I will just do it to myself anyway while there 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh well... 😔

Not really sure what to say, hope I don’t make it worse. Think of how many times you wanted to give up and how many times you have kept going, use that strength to help you and notice how strong you really are. You have probably been through more things others haven’t so I won’t ever fullly understand but try not to feel ashamed of it @Eden1919 


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