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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I cant stop crying.

I have been crying for the last 2 hours and i cant stop and everytime i think it is starting to stop i just start again. and my eyes hurt and my head hurts and i have so much work to do and i dont have time for this and i am so tired and i just cant stop. 


Re: I cant stop crying.

Hi Eden1919,I am Poppy, a moderator here. It sounds as if you are feeling very tired and overwhelmed? Any chance of taking a little rest, before you continue going with your work? Please let us know if you need any extra support.  Any ideas of how others cope when they are feeling overwhelmed? 


Re: I cant stop crying.

@Eden1919  Hey Eden1919 sorry you feel like crap atm. Can you sit outside and look at the stars. I find looking at the stars reassuring because it confirms how small we are and how our problems are so tiny compared to the universe. Maybe go for a brisk walk around the block. Make yourself a strong coffee or tea with sugar and rug yourself up and just be still while you listen to the sounds outside. The noises of the night. I hope this helps. Love always peaxx

Re: I cant stop crying.

hi @Eden1919
I hope that you've managed to calm now. @poppy3 and @greenpea have given some nice suggestions- maybe you could have a go at these?

Re: I cant stop crying.

@poppy3 @greenpea @outlander  thanks i couldnt go outside because 1 it was raining and 2 there are always people around and didnt want to be spotted crying. i was crying for quite a while and didnt really stop properly until i went to sleep which was late. i still feel very like tender like i could cry at any moment but trying to avoid things that would make me cry at least until i have done my test tomorrow. 

Re: I cant stop crying.

@Eden1919 Hey Eden1919 hoping you sleep well tonight and good luck with the test. Love peaxxx

Re: I cant stop crying.

@Eden1919  I hope the test results are ok. If you feel up to it, let us know. No pressure though.

Re: I cant stop crying.

@greenpea  thank you. I did my test and i think it went ok but now i have even more work to do and i still feel very on edge. 

Re: I cant stop crying.

@Eden1919 Thinking of you Eden1919 and wishing you well.Smiley Happyxx

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