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Something’s not right

Re: It's a glorious day

Hi @Orwellian .  I’ve been a little quiet on the forums lately, there has been so much happening in my life that has forced my attention away but things are starting to settle and I am slowly making my way back here again.


I have been thinking about you and was just checking in to see if you are ok.  I hope you have been well ❤️❤️

Re: It's a glorious day

Hi @Razzle 

Glad things for you have settled.

I have my ups and downs, the general direction is more down than up.

The garden is looking more appealing each day.


Re: It's a glorious day

@Orwellian  I’m sorry to hear that, I was really hoping you were starting to see the sunshine and that you were starting to look up instead of down.  


I really hope things start to look up for you soon ❤️❤️

Re: It's a glorious day



The garden has never looked more inviting as it does tonight.  

Re: It's a glorious day

@Razzle are you ok?

Re: It's a glorious day

@The-red-centaur   Not even close.

Re: It's a glorious day

Hi @The-red-centaur 


I know that feeling. Hope it works out for you.

Re: It's a glorious day


@Orwellian @Razzle @The-red-centaur 


Nearly 25 years ago, I was trying to be financially responsible and buy a plot near my brothers resting place, and join the worms with him ... but somehow I am still here ....need to connect with black humour and things being deadly ... but also connect to the living.


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