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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Legal problems & BPD

Hi. Have been to court today with 18y/o daughter for a mention hearing for an MRO. (to determine if it needed to proceed further). Because of an online disagreement that spiralled into abusive on 3 sides. 

Magistrate was vile & spoke to my girl like she was guilty straight up. She broke down & is in a bad state. I'm not doing so great either. 

Does anyone know of any legal help available (I'm on a pension) & if there is any recourse for unfair treatment? He wouldn't look at the letter from her Psych outlining her condition & vulnerability & spoke so badly to her, I was absolutely shocked. 

By the way, we had got legal advice from two places who said we could hand documents up to the magistrate, that turned out to be wrong. 


Re: Legal problems & BPD

@FindingStrength  most states have a free legal aid phone service, being a pensioner you might qualify for free representation, not sure if that would extend to your 18 year old but the help line may be able to give you that info. As I don't know what state you are in I have given links to a couple, otherwise if you google "legal aid" along with your state or territory you should be able to find an  equivalent service.

Re: Legal problems & BPD

Thanks @Darcy 

I'm in WA & tried every legal service I could find. They have so far been either overloaded, don't deal with restraining orders or over 18's. 

The duty lawyer at court also doesn't handle restraining orders, so she had to stand in the dock beside two people who she feels intimidated by & have an arrogant magistrate speak to her like she was automatically guilty. 

Of course she tried to hurt herself afterwards & is not doing well. 

I've rung Community Legal services who are swamped. So at the moment it looks like we either find some way to pay a lawyer or agree to an order that all three of them should be getting, not just the person with a mental illness. 

Seems another example of how marginalised people get further marginalised. 😔

Re: Legal problems & BPD

I am wondering if someone on the lived experience side might be able to help you @FindingStrength whether one of the community guides might be able to tag anyone @eth  @frog @Shaz51 

Re: Legal problems & BPD

Hi @FindingStrength @Darcy   

Hearing how difficult things are for you with this @FindingStrength .  I wish I had more advice for you, but have no experience in this area, sorry.  I do urge you to check out @Darcy 's links.  In other types of matter I've had legal aid solicitors and they were very good.  They usually run periodic community advice sessions that are free, and should at least be able to advise you where to turn to if they can't help.  

Social media at its worst by the sounds of things.

Also regarding your daughter hurting herself - the SANE helpline or Lifeline should be able to direct you to the right supports for when this is happening.  Very sorry to hear about it.  At the top right side of this page there's a list of resources and help lines that I also urge you to check out.

Re: Legal problems & BPD

Thank you both @Darcy & @eth 

I have since had contact with an advocate from Helping Minds & someone from People with Disabilities who are both looking into some options for us. Just trying to get Ms Teen through the worst of her thoughts & emotions, she's taking it very hard, it has been a turbulent week..... Within that though, there has been some incredibly beautiful & tender moments that I have so much gratitude for. And caught a moment where we could have a heart to heart that I felt she felt too.

I also had a counselling session myself & will get that regularly for a while. Glad that the Family Connections course is starting soon! 

Re: Legal problems & BPD

Sounds like some real progress there @FindingStrength  Well done.

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