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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

What do I do

I need help

I am freaking out 

I have a huge headache

I feel dizzy and lightheaded

I can't remember if I took my tablet

What do I do 


Re: What do I do

Hi @BabyDragon,

It sounds like you are going through something very challenging. Could you help us on the forums understand what is happening for you right now?


Take care Smiley Happy


Re: What do I do

Hey, @BabyDragon. Its a few hours since your post.  @Tortoiseshell


Unfortunately I'm not sure how to answer or what you need right now.


Can you start by telling me if you're safe? Has your headache and dizziness settled? Is there someone there with you?


Sherry 💕

Re: What do I do

Hi @Sherry and @Tortoiseshell,


I am safe, I had a bad day and forgot my tablet this morning which also messed with me i am a bit more settled now 

Re: What do I do

Good to hear that you're feeling more settled now @BabyDragon.  You sounded distressed earlier and I was concerned for you.


I'm off to bed now.  So ... good night.  Hope you get some restive sleep and feel better again in the morning.  Where do you keep your tablets?  Try somewhere prominent where you can't avoid them.. Woman Happy Hopefully you can avoid the same thing happening again that way.


Sherry Heart



Re: What do I do

Yes it can be a double whammy when we are unsure or forget meds .. 

Take  extra care

Glad you could reach out.



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