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  • Author : Razzle
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
Senior Contributor

I’m hearing you @Orwellian , and it does feel like that for me lately too.  I think if it wasn’t for a select few people

in my life I would let those “glorious days” consume me, it can get so overwhelming at times.  


My daughter is about to head off on an overseas adventure for a couple of years, and I don’t want to ruin it for her.  


My son and his partner have just had a baby, although his partner has been making it near impossible for us to have any contact - she has been utterly cruel and it has been devistating.  They are both very young and they are living with his partners parents, and her mother is very toxic and it has affected my sons metal health.  I need to be around to help him, I know deep down his relationship with his partner won’t 

last and it will become a battle for him to see his child, and he is going to need my support when that happens.  


I am my mothers carer, she has dementia and a host of other health problems - I feel like I am being slammed from all sides and I feel like I am starting to be spread very thin.


On top of all this I feel like my marriage is dead and I’m getting councelling for CSA that I kept secret for 40years and I’m not dealing with that at all.


Finding the joy in life is getting harder and harder, but the garden doesn’t end the problems, it just hands those problems to someone else.


If you can’t find the joy, can you create it?  What are your interests or hobbies?  I think it unrealistic to be joyful 24x7 but is there something you can do for short bursts?  


You have been in my thoughts a lot lately, I hate how I have been feeling and I hate to think anyone else feels the same way.  Please keep reaching out, I’ll keep an eye out for your posts.  ❤️❤️

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