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  • Author : Doglover
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi all,

@Eden1919 , i hav tagged u in on this thread as @greenpea thought we had some things in common and u might b able to offer advice.

I am rly rly struggling with medications. I hav a long history of various food and chemical sensitivities with very umpleasant effects and i believe i am sensitive to some of the excipents in the medications. It doesnt seem to matter what they do with the medications, how many times they increase it or whatever, i just seem to get worse. Its like the meds r making me worse. Im at the stage now whr im in such a state that im thinking hospital is the only option but thats just more meds and if im right in what i believe, thr only going to make me worse. Then im scared that il never get better and never b able to get out of there!!. Im just so scared and the physical symptoms r so horrible, i feel like im going out of my mind. And no one in the medical profession believes me and even if they did it wldnt matter coz they cant just take me off the medications. My husband doesnt believe me and just gets crapped off if ever i mention it. I was just wondering @Eden1919  if u had nething u cld share from ur experience or any advice that might b helpful.

Thanks very much.


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