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@Doglover  Hi and hello @greenpea  i can absolutely understand problems with side effects from meds i was on med after med after med and it just kept making my situation worse and worse i had so many side effects at one point my gp didnt believe me and i insisted he check and he looked up the drug companys website and had to apologise because the side effects i was having were down in the "incredibly rare" section. it is not an easy thing to be dealing with especially when everyone says they are supposed to help and yet they just arent working. i had doctors who said they side effects would wear off and they just got worse instead. as much as something can be the reccomended option there is no one size fits all and at the end of the day you have to do what works for you personally. this is especially true with psych meds. one of the problems with psych treatment is that there is a lot they dont know about the function of the brain and how the meds work in your brain as well as long term effects. they have some basic theories and ideas but there is not currently way to test a lot of these things and until that becomes avaliable much of the treatment is a trial and error to see if you get a good response. medicine has come a long way but we still dont know the things we dont know as well as the things we know that we dont know. there are all sorts of type of research going on into things like gut health and viatimin dificencies and thier effects of the body and brain as well as genetic disorders and such. but currently we have no idea what causes mental health or how to effectively cure it. 


if the meds arent helping you are you are sensetive to them which is completely possible then you might want to consider coming off them. but if you do you will need to do it with a doctors help and also i would warn you that even once you are off them some people find that the side effects can linger for quite a while even for a year or more after being off them (this is especially true for anti anxiety drugs). but even now i have been off meds for about a year and while i still have some side effects off them and i still have trouble with my mental health i feel a lot better than when i was on them as for me they were really not ok, and everyone is different but that it just my experience. for me i am just trying to learn how to cope when i am not coping as in how to keep functioning even when things are horrible because i know for me if i wait for things to get better i will be wating forever and will never have any kind of life. it is just about doing what works best for you because that is really all that matters.  

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