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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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@Doglover  I dont mind at all but sorry it may take a while for me to reply i am in the middle of exams and will be traveling soon as well. anyway when i came off meds it was not with the help of a doctor which i DO NOT recommend but i am very lucky in that i dont experience withdrawl side effects generally speaking and for me within a week the physical side effects were mostly gone but i went off cold turkey which again i do not suggest. my sister however has very bad withdrawls with anti depressants and has to come off them super slowly and even then it is not comfortable for her. she says she gets brain zaps and feel tingles all over her body. meds are not easy at all oh i just remembered apperantly my psych was saying that if you swap the Brand of medications for example you start taking the brand name version of X but then swap to the chemist version of X you can experience side effects or withdrawls because the dosing is very tricky and while it is mostly the same apperantly the strength can change and if you are sensetive it can cause side effects. so might be something to consider but pick a version and stay with it if possible. I have been on the short term anxiety ones and that one i did have to taper off with a doctor because it was too risky physically but it only took a few weeks for me personally. but i was only on it for about 1 month and asked to go off because it was too expensive. have you looked up paradoxical side effects?(i am pretty sure that is what they are called) they are basically when the med gives you the exact opposite reaction to what it is meant to do and some of those can include agitation, I get that reaction with said anti anxeity drugs they make me very agitated and it is not fun. if you are seeing a psychiatrist you can also ask them to contact the drug companies and ask them for more detailed information to try and help sort out what is best. the dna test was a good idea though but sad that most dont seem like good options. i am meant to get one of those but again money. some meds are best started in hospital especially mood stabalizers they have some risky side effects which are better monitored but if you are looking to do a med shuffle in hospital i would recommmend private hospitals as they have a lot more time than public and so they would deal with side effects faster and more effectivly but that may not be in your budget as they can be pricy so it really depends what options you have also private hospitals are less anxiety inducing as public can be scary at times so if you are prone to that they may be better. but either way if you still feel you need meds then you may have to look into different options than you have already tried. 

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