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Looking after ourselves

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Trying to deal with moods!!

Hi I'm trying to connect with carers who are dealing with or who have deal with somebody with skitzofrania, the moods The random out bursts which leave u thinking what Just happened, I cannot talk My cousin I'm sure this illness was brought on more by pot an meth and doing them together has done no good I need some advice on how to approach what to say I've tried I thought I had him on board to go to a place to help with what's going on in his head but it back fired big time WOWWWWWWWW. Thanx if anyone can help me

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Re: Trying to deal with moods!!

Sorry you’re cousin has lost himself to D...s

Doing them together would be playing on his Brain...though his probably trying to escape reality I can only assume and destroy what does not belong inside of him...

All you can do is express you’re concern for his well being and the rest I guess is up to him when his ready to seek assistance and get help. I guess if he opens up to you try and remember he’s fighting off everything 

Coming down and on it again 

Take care @Loyaltyzfynest


Re: Trying to deal with moods!!

Hi @Loyaltyzfynest,


This sounds very challenging. I'm wondering have you heard of Mental Health Carers Australia? You can check out thier website here and or call them on: 1300 554 660.


All the best,


Re: Trying to deal with moods!!

Hey there @Loyaltyzfynest - just checkin in as it has been awhile, did you have any luck checking out Mental Health Carers Australia?

Also we have some info on schizophrenia here:

Would love to hear how things have been going for you...

For urgent assistance, call: