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Senior Contributor

Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help



Discovered SANE via SUSi online program. Australian who was diagnosed with Aspergers later in my adult life (did get support and was suppose to get more specific needs but they introduced NDIS and I failed to qualify including a post-review. So I ended up back to square one). Finally got unexpected help for depression and anxiety before my AS diagnoses. I recently passed 250 days alcohol and drug free, and I don't ever want to even smell alcohol again (online free course Alcohol Experiment I'll  recommend). I only had friends in year 12 back in the 1990's. I have never been in a relationship, dated, kiss, etc (I don't believe I am ugly just that I have difficulty connecting to humans. Re: experiences I am still 13yo). I have won a lot of art prizes and included in some public collections. I have worked where I was my own boss in a way, but it has been the only job I had (for 5 years part time and another similar role 2 years then made redundant). I have completed many many degrees and I do courses for the fun of it. I have done an entry into PhD but couldn't go further as I live in regional Queensland and I care for my elderly father. I have no close family (just us two, and no he won't move as we live in his life-long hometown).


As I said, I have no one. Never had friends or close family etc. It hurts alot. I can't even volunteer because they want references which I don't have (first job I had I told my boss of my lonliness and she freak. The second job I burnt my bridges when I was made redundant). I am no good at communicating and a vulcan. Any club of interest is usually mostly elderly people (i.e. arts and crafts, museums, etc).


Thank goodness today is the last day of Easter. It hurts! alike Christmas and NYE. I went onto BB but as usual, I got no proper reply/ actual help. A few years ago before I found help in the oddest situation, I had doors closed in my face by services. At the start of the year, I thought I try again, but again got doors slammed in my face.


So I am here introducing myself. Seeing if this service is anything helpful. Asking to see if there is any help rather than usual resources. Some of what I posted may come across negative but I am positive. And I have come a long way to get here.


Take Care Smiley Happy 


Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

@GeminiLion  Hi GeminiLion and welcome to the forum Smiley Happy Sane forum is a very welcoming group of individuals from all different backgrounds and mental illnesses but what brings us all together is our caring for everyone here. You will never be judged or ostracised on these boards. Have a look around the various threads and when you feel comfortable you might like to introduce yourself there. 


A couple of good ones to start with are the Good Morning thread (which goes on all day lol) and the Friday night Feast thread which is held on every Friday at about 7.00pm. Anyway I hope to see you around the forum. greenpea Smiley Happy

Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

Hi @GeminiLion and welcome 🙂


Congratulations on 250 days alcohol and drug free! That's huge!


You're not alone in feeling the pain of holidays like Easter. There are many others who find times like this difficult for a number of reasons. Lots of people find company, comfort and understanding here on the forum. It's something I've found really helpful about being here.


What kind of art do you enjoy? We have a thread here where you'll be able to meet others who enjoy art if you'd like. Do you have any hobbies or particular interests?


One tip I was given when I joined the forum was to use the @ symbol to tag people. It can help us see posts and replies around the forum. 


Hope you find it helpful to be here 🙂

Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

welcome fellow vulcan brother or sister.

older aspie here too, relate to a lot of that. was just reminded of how the front page of this site hurts with the faces staring into my soul...

i dropped out of society for a few years with ocd, still think about friends from the 90s. these days i just do a small amount of socialising which works for me, but hard to find new friends.

with the aspie stuff it can work for you if you find your strength.

Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

Thanks. I am still learning about it. I was diagnosed later in life. Some people disagree with the diagnoses but it does add up. I think some people don't really understand Aspergers or they get a stereotype idea from media.

Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

More alcohol than drugs. Alcohol so much easier to get. But not interested in any of it any more. Must be getting old. I been through rehab and failed and a few attempts via gov and private orgs. It was Annie Grace's Alcohol Experiment that worked. I think it worked because I'm more academic minded and that is how the free online ($5 minimum donation to retain your access following 30 days) works. I now recommended to anyone. I am now a mentor. Regarding Art, I am more portraits and figures. My works can be multi-layered. Although I have explored, memories, symbolism and the philosophy of objects and things in recent years. Oil painter but do dabble in other media. I was a TAFE art teacher for Dip level fine arts and design. I got caught up in mass redundancies a few years back. I love the job. I was so upset when I was chosen over others that weren't as loyal. Whole dept is gone now anyway. Before that I was highschool TA for the arts. I have been struggling to get into my art. I been studying Nat/ Bot Illustration but cant complete it. Have too much of a HEC debt and would have pay myself unless I could get uni to pay under post but doubt that would happen. I enter art comps and make a small living although struggled in recent years. Dad I care for and my duties have increased significantly.

Re: Newie. Checking out seeing if SANE is any help

Thanks. Is there a Facebook group? I had found myself at the hospital a few times due to drinking and not being well. I haven't been that way for a long time. I now look back and cant believe I was like that once. I still have thoughts but I have caring responsibilities. And I have a cat. I was sent to see a phycologist regarding my alcohol and from there finally got help. They put me on medication. I'm on different medication now which seems to work better. I was beginning to feel like a jar of beans for a while but medication been cut back to just selection. And I want to cut back further

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