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Something’s not right

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Making friends and being weird

I am a quiet shy person who doesn't have a lot of friends. I feel like I don't belong anywhere because I'm very different to others; I don't have the same interests and I don't follow trends etc. That is also why I don't talk a lot and why I'm not very open. I'm also very awkward. When I was working, I could talk to customers easily but couldn't talk to co-workers, which is very strange. I'm also not very good at keeping friends, as I haven't contacted some in a year. I went to a new school and I couldn't make new friends very well, although I do have some people to sit next to but we don't really talk.

I feel like I've become this way because I am a twin. My twin and I are the closest together and I think it's the reason why I am this way. 


Re: Making friends and being weird

@LeFreak  Hi LeFreak and welcome Smiley Happy. Talk to any of us here and we all all say that making and keeping friends is very hard indeed. My advice is just to be yourself and you will attract the right kind of people to you over time. Don't force it. It is really special to have a twin and to have that special connection that twins have. My kidults are very close and I would have to say that my best friends are my family I am very lucky like that. You sound like a very normal young person so just be yourself and you will attract people to you. ps: Why don't you give those friends a text who you haven't contacted for awhile it cannot hurt. greenpea

Re: Making friends and being weird

Hi @LeFreak ,

Just because you don't follow trends and have little common interests with people, that doesn't make you 'different' or 'weird'. The fact that you are awkward just means that you have to socialise much more and learn the techniques of how to behave in social situations, that's all but it doesn't make you weird. Most people are shy and awkward in those situations and repetitive socialising will make it better for you.

I'm a twin myself and we're chalk and cheese - totally different from one another!! I live my life and well .. she tries to interfere with mine. What I'm trying to say is that you are who you are and your sister is another entity and as such don't feel as if she's 'stealing your thunder'. If you are close as you said, perhaps ask her for some advice on being a bit more social - sisters are good at stuff like that (if you have one that is good to you).



Re: Making friends and being weird

Welcome to the forum @LeFreak. We echo @RasberryCupcake in saying that not following trends or having little common interests with others isn't weird. The beauty of individualism (even as a twin) is that you can like whatever you want. You just need to find the right community that celebrates the same things that you like! Have you tried looking for online groups (or real life ones) in the interests that you have?

Re: Making friends and being weird

It's hard for me to talk to people because I have social anxiety. I'm always afraid to say something because I might end up hurting others, even though the intention was not to, like making a joke. Another problem is that my both my twin and I are awkward, so one can't help the other.

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