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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor



I thought it was a good title to start a discussion with other members. I am feeling really irriratable of late. I am worried my depression is on its way back. I have to look at ways at managing and expressing my feelings. Its so hard to get the words out and to express what is happening for me. 



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Re: Depression

my sister @oceangirl  Heart

how are you feeling today xx

here if you want to talk about it ? , tell me what`s up


Re: Depression

About the same @Shaz51

I am just having really strong feeling atm. My GP stopped my medication.

What are you up to ?

Re: Depression

are you cutting back on the meds slowly  or stop conpletly @oceangirl

sending you knowing hugs as years ago I had to go off my epsilesy meds and it worried me

having you have a coping box xxx

Re: Depression

I had been going off slowly but I have stopped completely. I feel sick in the stomach and very irritable. I just rang my GP and hoping she calls back. I went out yesterday and did my volunteering work... 


When I started the medication I started very slowly. I have stopped a lot quicker then when I started the med and I was very slow to increase.


Thank you for your support and understanding. Take care sis. How far away is Cairns from you?


Re: Depression

walking with you sis @oceangirl Heart

an hours drive away


Re: Depression

Hearing you @oceangirl

I'm feeling the same at the moment 

csn you write it down in a journal?

BB ❤️❤️

Re: Depression

how did you go @oceangirl xxx

hello @BlueBay Heart

Re: Depression

I'm waiting to see GP @Shaz51 @BlueBay


Hopefully not much longer..

Re: Depression

thanks for your understanding 


@BlueBay @Shaz51

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